Have you heard of Poland as a country in constant growth for the past 15 years, GDP always positive, 40 million inhabitants, in love with Italy, but…

How well do you actually know him? Have you ever visited it? Are you aware that the stereotype of wolves and bears roaming the street, and of horse and cart transport, is actually an outdated stereotype?

Have you had the opportunity to understand, directly, how the local mentality works? Are you ready to face its pragmatism and its cultural diversity, even in the negotiation phase?

In order to dispel any doubts, and help to open your eyes and see the reality, we offer you an entrepreneurial mission dedicated to the knowledge of the Polish market, and to the search for commercial or production opportunities offered by this market.

We will support you in the development of new contacts and in the creation of relationships/collaborations with local and institutional partners carefully identified and preparatory to future actions.

The mission will be structured on the basis of objectives agreed together, and business meetings will be organized according to the needs expressed. The event will include a program of insights with market experts, and b2b meetings/direct visits with economic operators and local counterparts, selected and involved before departure.

Mistakes are expensive… our job is to make you avoid them


a.i.1. Initiation of activities and institutional meetings with the Chamber of Commerce and special economic zones
a.i.2. Meeting with professional accountants and lawyers used to dealing with Italian entrepreneurship in Poland
a.i.3. B2B meetings – Collective follow-up and return to Italy

The mission includes the following services:
• pre-mission coaching: orientation to the Polish market and facilitated finance tools for production at the special zone.
• Search and selection of local partners – organization of personalized business meeting agendas;
• Car available during business meetings (minibus with driver);
• Italian/Polish/English interpreting service;
• Assistance of qualified personnel during the mission;
• Personalized follow-up session.

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