Starting a business abroad is the most difficult phase of the business, especially for small or medium-sized companies, most of the time owners, or family-run.

The start is not always quick, obstacles or brakes that are not considered are often encountered, and all this implies costs, even extraordinary, which see an outflow of liquidity from company accounts without any income to compensate.

It is therefore obvious that the owners begin to lose enthusiasm, sometimes to the point of wanting to abandon the project halfway through, and to put the newly established company into liquidation.

The fixed costs to be incurred are not low, and also require the signing of contracts, often quite binding, office rentals, staff employment contracts, media contracts, car rental, and annexes.

To prevent the entrepreneur from losing his enthusiasm, we have decided to offer a turnkey support package for the start-up, which will include the following services in the payment of a monthly invoice:

• Registered office and operational base with the possibility of using meeting rooms
• Dedicated staff who speak the Italian language
• Dedicated phone number
• Assistance in the search for personnel or even the use of personnel supplied with a temporary agency contract
• Support in the relationship with the institutions for issuing any licenses
• Coordination of hired personnel
• Website support (web development and basic SEO activities)

The principle is simple: less errors, less waste, less costs

For these services, you will find yourself having to pay a single monthly invoice, and sign a single contract with a single deadline.

By reducing errors and dispersion we optimize your business for the Start.

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